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Evolve offers adult and kids soccer classes for all ages and all levels of play.

Whether your player is a beginner playing recreational soccer or plays for a competitive club team but wants more individual player development, Evolve Soccer LA offers multiple levels of soccer training for players of all ages and skill levels.

Our focus is to provide expert soccer training in our one-of-a-kind indoor facility to ensure that players receive mastery of technical skills so they can be confident and successful on the field.

We proudly serve the greater Los Angeles community.

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NEW – 8 Week Technical Program (ages 6+)
This new program teaches ball mastery, creativity and confidence with the ball by integrating street soccer and futsal skills.
– Check out our video and find out more about our new program here.

Frogtown Futbol Friends  (Ages 2 – 5)
This program is a parent and me class for the complete soccer novice. It will help develop coordination, balance, and teamwork. This is a fun class for parents and players! Sundays at 9am.

Lil Ballers (Ages 3-5)
This program is ideal for kids to learn the basics of soccer. This will help develop coordination, balance, and teamwork. Each class is 60 minutes of fun!

Foundation (Ages 6-9, beginners)
We teach the fundamentals of soccer — shooting, passing, receiving, dribbling and more. Ideal for ages 6-9 yrs.

Foundation Plus (Ages 10-13, intermediate)
We teach more technical skills to give players confidence on the field. Jukes, 1v1 dribbling, turning, passing, chipping, receiving, lay-offs, shooting and decision-making skills that are needed to be successful on the field. Ideal for ages 10-15.

Futsal Skills Clinic
This unique Futsal Skills Clinic teaches ball mastery, advanced footwork and technical skills. By integrating the dynamics of street soccer and futsal, this class will introduce tricks, fakes and feints to give each player the confidence to take on any opponent 1v1. We teach more technical skills to give players confidence on the field.

Shooting Clinic (All ages welcome)
Shooting and finishing at goal is an important skill for players to have in order for teams to win games. Our soccer shooting clinics will focus on teaching players the technique of shooting with power, accuracy, and finishing at goal in different game time situations. The class will help players be ready and confident for any game time scoring opportunity.

TOCA Training  (All ages welcome)
TOCA training is THE answer to help take control of your game and develop precision and technique to reach the next level. The TOCA Touch Soccer Trainer boosts confidence and pushes the limits of a player’s capability with high-quality ball deliveries and limitless game-like  situations. Players will improve speed, coordination, and game efficiency. Consistency and repetition are the recipes to working towards soccer mastery.

Adult Soccer Training
You are never too old for soccer!  Our classes are a lot of fun and a great workout. Classes are co-ed and all adult ages are welcome.

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