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Small sided soccer is a mandatory requirement by US Youth soccer because of the benefits it provides. Playing on smaller sized fields forces players to play in tighter spaces, helping to develop skills with and without the ball. Games are faster paced, players get more touches and must play quickly, intelligently and as a team to succeed.

With this in mind, we created the ‘Evolve Intercity Tournament’. 8 regional LA teams will compete against each other in a 5v5 soccer showdown to lift the championship trophy and claim local bragging rights.

Winners will receive a trophy and will be invited back at no cost to defend their crown.

Teams can be made up of different ages as long as the eldest player doesn’t exceed the maximum age. Coed teams are welcome. Age brackets are: ‘09+, ’07+, ’05+, ‘03+

We realize that a coach’s time is limited and while coaches are always welcome, they aren’t required to be present for our tournaments. Based on our experience, team parents have been happy to organize a team. So if the coaches can send the tournament info to the parents recommending that the players participate to help their development, we are sure one of the parents will take the lead.


Evolve Intercity Tournament 

The Evolve Intercity Tournament is an LA area youth soccer competition where teams compete for local bragging rights and to claim the victory trophy.

This popular youth tournament takes place about every 6 weeks.

Sunday, August 26th 2018 is the next Evolve Intercity Tournament.

Sign up and questions: info@evsoccer.com or 213.246.220

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Evolve Adult Tournament 

No adult tournaments are scheduled at this time. Check back here periodically for more information.

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