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Futsal Skills Clinic

Ages 10+

This unique Futsal Skills Clinic teaches ball mastery, advanced footwork and technical skills. By integrating the dynamics of street soccer and futsal, this class will introduce tricks, fakes and feints to give each player the confidence to take on any opponent 1v1.

EV Soccer

Who doesn’t want to fake our your opponent with a mind-numbing move!
Learn some great moves in our futsal skills clinic.

The smaller fields, fewer players and a lack of space forces players to move constantly as they search for open spaces. The fast-moving game improve a player’s passing skills, pace, and accuracy while concentrating on keeping possession of the ball.  This program will improve your soccer IQ and vision of the game.

Key Skills and Attributes Required for Success at Futsal

– Ball Touch. Although ‘touch’ is a relatively broad term, it is most often used to describe the technique involved in controlling and retaining possession of the ball
– Decision making. Players generally have very little time on the ball during a futsal match
– Dribbling
– Short passing
– Creativity

Schedule 2020

Tuesdays 5-6PM

$90 for 4 classes.

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