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Foundation Plus

Foundation Plus
Youth Ages 8 to 12

The Foundation Plus program is higher-level soccer for tweens aged 8-12.  The program is designed for players who want to advance their technical skills so they will one day be ready for the AYSO All-Star, Extra programs or a local club program.

soccer for tweens
You will learn: Jukes, 1v1 dribbling, turning, passing, chipping, receiving, lay-offs, shooting, and decision-making theory. All these skills help bolster the player to be more successful on the field.

When ready you can also look at more specific programs such as:
Footskills and Finishing classes (ages 12+)
Futsal moves (ages 9-15)
Training for Elite players (ages 10-16)
TOCA training using our high-tech soccer release machine

Schedule 2019

6:15pm – 7:30pm

Ages 8 to 12 years old
$100 for 4 sessions

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