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Soccer Footskills & Finishing

Soccer Footskills & Finishing
Ages 12+

This unique program will teach players clever soccer footskills and a higher level of ball control and technical skills that can be used in tight, high pressure game situations.

Players will also learn different shooting techniques; curved shots, lobs and chips just like Messi, toe pokes, volleys, etc…. as well as 1-touch finishing, 1v1 against the goalkeeper and finishing under pressure.

soccer footskills
Make sure to always work on your soccer footskills!
Just 10 minutes a day adds up to  60 hours of extra footwork each year.

But even more fun is playing with friends at Evolve!

Grab a friend and sign up for some of other programs such as:
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Shooting Clinics
Training for Elite players (ages 10-16)
TOCA training using our high-tech soccer release machine

Schedule 2019

Fridays 7PM – 8PM

$100 for 4 classes.

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